Bookings Talent Agency focus on models for catalogue, life style advertising, runway shows and actors for commercials and films. We work with commercial print markets of Europe, Asia, South Pacific, South America & Mexico.

Our revenues are generated solely from commissioned client mark ups. Models do not pay us any commissions from assignments obtained from the agency. We do not endorse or get any commissions from photographers.




Must be between the age of 15 & 24, healthy hair, complexion and teeth, and well proportionate figure. Height should not be shorter than 5' 9 or taller than 6 feet.


Between 18 & 40 years of age. Healthy skin, hair and teeth. Height - not shorter than 5'11 and not taller than 6'2.

Models must provide us with good fashion images of themselves, comp cards and portfolios.


Must be at least 17 years of age with good voice. They must provide the agency with a headshot, a resume and a demo reel. Models and actors must have dynamic personalities.

Everyone should exercise caution when entering this exiting & rewarding industry. Please avoid being your own agent at all costs also; keep in mind that legitimate agencies do not charge fees for representation, consultations and training.

Our South American models enter the Elite Model Search in Goiana, Brazil. The selected models go to the national competition and also to international modeling.